7th ASEAN Working Group on Climate Change (AWGCC)



Country focal points who has successfully attended the 7th AWGCC Meeting in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, from 20-21 July 2016. (Picture by NRE Malaysia)

The 7th ASEAN Working Group on Climate Change (AWGCC), was successfully held from 20-21 July 2016, at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The attendance comprises of ASEAN country focal points to AWGCC and Malaysian government partners. The meeting was hosted by Government of Malaysia, with a technical support from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Malaysia, as a country focal point to AWGCC. The welcome address was delivered by Hon. YBhg. Dato’ Sri Azizan bin Ahmad, Secretary General of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Malaysia. 

During the meeting, ASEAN Project Coordinator, Professor Joy Jacqueline Pereira, Professor and Principal Research Fellow of SEADPRI-UKM, has presented and shared the findings of the Final Report of ASEAN-India Project on Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation in Southeast Asia (Phase 1). The Project is implemented by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Southeast Asia Disaster Prevention Research Initiative (SEADPRI-UKM) as the lead implementing agency with Prof. Joy Jacqueline Pereira as the Project Coordinator from ASEAN side. Prof. N.H. Ravindranath from Indian Institute of Science (IISc.) is Project Coordinator for the India side for implementation of this Project.

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